I have been working in the design field ever since I graduated from Poly. So earlier this year when the last company I was working with for nearly 11 years decided to let me go, I was wondering whether to continue doing what I have been doing for past 20 over years.

I have always been interested in technology, how I can use it to better enhance daily living. i setup my on smart devices. Changed the switches so I can use MiHome app to control the lights. Set up scheduled timings to turn or off it. Got a Google hone to control the dining light, play music, control the TV.

Last year, I got an Oculus Quest VR headset. I planned to get one and nearly bought the Playstation VR headset. Luckily I waited and when Oculus launched Quest, I jumped on it and got it off Amazon.

Maybe the stars are aligned, opportunities showed up and I was ready. Got a chance to work on VR/AR/MR projects. I wouldn’t be doing the development. That will he handled by developers in Thailand. I will however be looking at business opportunities for Singapore office as the Country Manager.

VR/AR/MR is the future. As we progress to the next technological step. These will be the next solution that people will look it and I will be one of them pushing it. So exciting!

So if you want VR/AR/MR solutions. I love to talk to you! Let’s explore and see how to bring your business to the next level.

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